Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

Neither denying nor striving helps to solve problems. Solutions happens when you are calm and collected, you use intelligence, you are not lethargic but active and You have strong faith in Divine law.

If you are faced with someone who knows more than you, be like a child and keep your ears and eyes open for learning. If you are faced with someone who knows less than you, be humble and strive to make them as good as or better than you. Communicate with a person of your age group like you are his/her best friend. When you are centered, you become a powerful communicator.

Human values are not derived from any external authority. They cannot be imposed by society, nor can they be legislated. They are not the subject matter of rules. Human values are already present in every human heart, whether expressed or unexpressed. Human values need only be uncovered, rekindled, encouraged and nurtured.

The way to overcome personal Misery is to share Universal Misery. The way to expand personal joy is to share universal joy. Instead of thinking “what can I gain from this world” think “ what can I do for the world”.

We are proponents of peace, but we are also from the land of Guru Gobind Singh. Today, we need Sant-Sipahi. We don't need only saints, we don't need only soldiers, but people who are both. Every human here should be a Soldier of Peace. Soldiers of Peace are those who have dynamism, a will to expose wrong deeds and doers in the society. [Today is Guru Gobind Singhji's birth anniversary].

When video games, TV and movies glorify violence, they make such a strong impression on young minds that it becomes an aspiration for them.

We accepted food from every part of the world, but when it comes to wisdom, people seem to shy away. We have globalized everything other than wisdom. And, that is one of the causes of terrorism and unrest in the world today.

Don’t think, ‘‘what can I do?’’ or that you are insignificant, when the world is in problem. You too have a role to play. Like a tiny homeopathic pill, which has a 1/100th potency, makes an impact on a 60-70 kilos body, in the same way, every individual has an influence on this cosmos, on this planet. We can all radiate peace and good vibrations, which will definitely make an impact on the planet.

People feel that if your work is related to meditation, then why are you getting involved with other things in society? I say, when some one’s house is burning, I am not going to wait for an invitation to go and help. This is our duty. Won’t you fulfil your duty?

Q: How do I draw the line between religion and spirituality? ANS : On this path, there is no need to draw any line or erase any line. Religion is by birth and spirituality is by choice. It’s a way of life.

It is natural for human beings to want to overcome fear and insecurity. Most will do almost anything to feel secure. So, there is a struggle for the seat of power. But those who hanker after power are really powerless. Once you realize your innate power, you don’t need a seat or position to serve people.

Sankranti is Sat Kranti(Good Revolution). Today humanity is reminded of its Divine qualities. As the Earth revolves around the Sun, life should revolve around Truth. As the Earth brings out harvest, may today bring about a harvest of human values. Happy Makar Sankranti.

Getting hurt is a part of love. It happens this way, and we have to live through it. But to be afraid of pain and to stop loving, and shutting down completely is foolishness, which a lot of people do. To stop being in love because it hurts at times is not an intelligent decision at all. But those who sail through that little pinch and move on, will get the real, blissful love.

In video Games, children shoot people but they get up again. They get so used to this. They can’t understand that when you shoot people in real life, they don’t get up.

I ask Terrorists – tell me what do you want. What do you get out of spreading terror? Without any reason, they go and kill people. And we seem to have got used to it. We have become numb. If we are spiritual, it must not be so. It is our job to awaken people.

One must see life as an adventurous game and should play the game without worrying about the outcome, whether you win or lose. But if one is afraid of making mistakes or doing anything, one lacks the wealth of courage. Someone may not have any money, but if they possess courage, they reflect wealth. If one lacks the wealth of courage, there is no fun in life.

Empowerment means the courage to confront and the willingness to co-operate. Our youth must know how to co-operate and confront simultaneously.

In Swami Vivekananda, one finds the perfect convergence of love for Divine & love for the nation. He is an eternal inspiration for the youth.

Do not make an effort to impress others, or to express yourself. When you come from the Self, your expression is perfect and your impression lasts for ages.

What is the value on spirituality in this society? Know that it is as relevant as medicine to the sick, rest to the tired and wealth to the poor.

Relationship means adjustment, it is giving. But at the same time leave some room for the other partner to give. This needs a little skill - to make the other also contribute without demanding. If you demand, the relationship is not going to last long. Demand and blame destroy love.

What love really does to you is that it refines your consciousness. In the state of love, you become sensitive. For your consciousness to perceive the truth, it needs to be in the state of love, which makes you very refined.

Often anger comes because you don't accept the present moment. You look for perfection; that is why you are angry at imperfections. Even when someone commits a mistake, know that he or she is not the culprit; the stress inside is causing them to make that mistake. Just this understanding and few days of continuous practice of meditation can change the quality of our life.

Blogs can be used to create violence in society or to bring understanding among people. They can create conflict between communities, friends, families, nations or to unite them. Let's bring up the truth. Let's create an opportunity for people express themselves boldly, bridge gaps, remove misunderstandings and bring up human values for a humane and just society. [Sri Sri while launching his blog www.srisrispeaks.org].

First of all connect to yourself. When you go deep in yourself and let go of all the anxiety and know that you are loved by the universe, you get inner strength. The universe loves you, air loves you, space loves you, the sun and moon love you. So you are surrounded by that energy of love and you’ll just melt in meditation and that is what gives that inner strength; so solid, child like again. Free from inhibitions, free from worries, being natural!

When you ask questions like why me or what about me, you get into depression. Seva is the most effective antidote to depression. The day you feel hopeless and horrible, get out of your room and ask people, "What can I do for you? The service you do will bring a revolution inside you.

What someone says or does is just a ribbon on the package. You look at the package, take the ribbon off, and then look inside. Everybody is like a packed gift. Some packages have firecrackers! Some have sweet candies or some other surprise. Don’t just choose to look at the outside wrappers. Inside each one is a very precious gift.

See people beyond their expressions. What a person expresses is not what they're all about. There is a lot of unexpressed love in each life. Just recognizing this, your heart expands; then, you’ll never be stuck with what someone says or does.

Memory can make you either sad or enlightened. Memory of the ever changing relativity - however good or bad it may be - will bring you bondage. On the other hand, memory of yourself will liberate you. When you regain the memory of “who am I?”, all your meekness will disappear. You will walk with high spirits. The whole world is there for you. You will not experience a lack of anything. A genuine bravery will arise in you.

Open your eyes and see how much you have been given. This new year, focus on what you have rather than what you do not. This brings ingratitude. The more grateful you are, more will be given to you.

In the new year, let there be sunshine - both in our lives and in society. Let us all have a determination to create a violence-free, stress-free society. May your life be filled with peace, joy and happiness! Happy New Year!

Welcome the new year with a smile from within. As we flip the calendar, we need to keep flipping our mind as well. Often, our diaries are full with memories. See that you don't fill your future dates with past events. Learn and unlearn from the past, and move on.

 While the authorities are certainly accountable for law and order, diffusing stress in the environment and taking steps to bring out human values in society becomes our responsibility as well; otherwise, people to whom this message has not reached might harm us or our loved ones out of their resentment. All of us should take out some time — at least a few hours in a week — to volunteer for a better India.

Increased promotion of pornography and violence on celluloid and constant rebuffing of traditional spiritual values has contributed to society's degeneration.

When the water flows within banks, it's called a river. When water is scattered all over, it's a flood. So when the emotions get flooded everywhere, the mind is in a mess. If it is intensely flowing in a direction, then that is Bhakti (devotion). And that is most powerful.

Let counselors and yoga teachers get more proactive to heal people. Let people suffering from violent tendencies seek help without any stigma.

Let every man promise the departed soul that such heinous crimes will never be allowed to be repeated. Let her death remain fresh & alive in the minds of men in this country so that they don't get blinded by lust. It is high time to stop the blame game for it kills the spirit. Some say we should shut temples, some say cinemas, others say we need stricter laws. I say nothing will work without reviving human values. Let's resolve to make the world a better place for men, women & children.

Often, you make a mistake and then try to justify it, because you don’t want to feel guilty. And this justification, does not remove the guilt because you know the justification is superficial. It makes you guiltier. It goes on and deep inside, it keeps distorting your behaviour. So when you feel guilt, don’t try and get over it. Be really guilty, feel it 100%, and that pain, that guilt, that sadness itself, becomes like a meditation, and will bring freedom to you.

When people say something that creates jealousy, anger, frustration or sadness in us, we think they are responsible. No, we are responsible because the mind is not centered. How can we gain unshakable peace? Being individually happy is not enough. Our wish should be for everybody be happy and radiate happiness. Let this collective consciousness, the Indra, always bring health and put me back in my Self. Let it always keep me centered, joyful and happy. So in the ancient days, the prayer used to be for everyone’s happiness.

Every human being is a book in himself/herself - a novel. In a library we get all kinds of books. The whole world is a library. There is only One Author for all these books and He is flooding the market! Only a few, who are awake, see that these are all stories and rejoice. And you are one of those few. If you think you are not, become one right away. You have a lifelong membership in this library.

You are holding your fist so tightly. Open your fist and you will see that the whole sky is in your hands.

You are the Christmas tree. A Christmas tree bears gifts and lights not for itself, but for all. The gifts you are carrying in your life are for others. Merry Christmas!!

Do not try to possess beauty – appreciate it. We always worry for what we do not have. Why? Because what we do not have seems to be more beautiful. If you de-link this misunderstanding in the mind that all that is beautiful need not be possessed - it is there, it’s lovely, and all that's in not possessing it, you experience the beauty!

Let's think a while how we can prevent such crimes. Of course, a stringent law is required & political will to enforce it. Restoring Human Values and creating a strong Neighbourhood Watch against crime in every locality. Let us create helplines and reform centers for people with criminal tendencies. Protest is essential to bring awareness; but not beyond that. Otherwise we will be defeating the very cause. Action should replace anger. Join Volunteer for Better India.

Dream the impossible. Know that you are born in this world to do something wonderful and unique; don't let this opportunity pass by. Give yourself the freedom to dream and think big.

Action must be taken; but violence can't quell violence & injustice can't quell injustice. Patience & perseverance are the need of the hour. India's uniqueness is that we fight injustice in a non-violent manner. Let India's youth awaken to this fact and honour non-violence.

How many minutes, hours and days have we spent our life being happy from within? Those are the only moments we have really lived life.

When we feel high, we have no problems. The problem comes when we feel low. Then the more one tries to feel high, the more the low feelings persist. When you feel low, jump into the lowest. Just go deep, observe and you will see a lot of sensations rising up, like fear. Agree to it, “All right, let it be. I will dive into it today.” An amazing thing happens within you, a phenomenon. If you try to fight with your feelings, they take a longer time to clear.

There can be no love, no wisdom and no true joy without sacrifice. Sacrifice makes you sacred. Become sacred.

We need to re inculcate human values and restore respect and dignity of women. People in every colony must take an active role in assuring safety to women. Volunteers for A Better India (VFABI) did a good job yesterday. They must scale up efforts to spread awareness about safety for women.

Q: Gurudev, how do you manage so many things? I'm also a manager. Could you give a few management tips? ANS :  See, the Manager of the world does not make it obvious that He/She is managing. Manage from behind.

People look here and there for thrill in life. They don't know that the greatest thriller is the Self.

You are tired of convincing people, of explaining, of comforting, of pleasing them. You can even be tired of enjoying! In fact, tiredness is the shadow of enjoyment. What puts you on the road is wanting to enjoy. What brings you home is being in love.

Q: What is the difference between ego and self confidence?  ANS : Ego is feeling uncomfortable in the presence of someone else. Self confidence is feeling at home everywhere. Being natural is the antidote to ego and complementary to confidence. It goes with confidence and is inseparable from it. When you are confident, you are natural. And if you are natural, you are confident.

Q: Gurudev, you said we must return to knowledge again and again. Is there something that we can do just once and be done with it forever?  ANS : Do you have food just once and be done with it forever? Knowledge is learning but wisdom is unlearning. You need to unlearn again and again because you are learning things all the time.

Enlightenment is the journey from being somebody to nobody to everybody.

New beginning means you are dead to the past; leave it behind. Die every moment so that you can be alive every moment.

Is the sun ancient or new? It has always been there but the light coming to you now - is it fresh or not? Does an old tree have fresh leaves or not? Similarly, the cells that you are made up of have always been here in different forms. You are also both ancient and fresh!

Let us get astonished. Wonder is the preface for yoga, the union. And when you are united, you wonder at everything. Look at a flower, and wonder, wow! How this flower is so intelligent! Recognize the intelligence in every petal, in every leaf, in every human being that walks around you. They have their own mind, it looks through eyes, the consciousness speaks through the mouth, responds to you or it doesn’t respond to you many times. If you are amazed, astonished, wonderstruck, just close your eyes with a smile.

Often what you perceive as reality is not joyful. So when misery is there, you are sure it is real. This is knowing the real as unreal and unreal as real. A nightmare is a dream mistaken for reality. In fact, all miseries are unreal. A wise man knows that happiness is real, as it is your very nature.

When you respect someone, it only shows your own magnanimity. However many people you do not respect in the world, that much less is your wealth. Wise is the one who respects everyone.

Question: But how can you respect a terrorist or a criminal? ANS :  You should because he shows you the way at his own cost. Respectfulness is a quality of refined consciousness.

When you sit and think, “When will I get happiness,” you won’t get it. When you see your happiness in the happiness of others, that’s when you will be truly happy.